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Accident Prevention Services

Let Veritas Marine assist your organization

by providing expertise in the development, implementation and auditing of Safety Management Systems large and small, particularly those made pursuant to the ISM Code leading to the certification of your Document of Compliance (DOC) for the company and Safety Management Certificates (SMS) for your ships.

There is an old adage that states: "If you think safety is expensive,  try having an accident".  This has never been truer in today's complex world of marine operations, with smaller crews and strong competition for business. Accident prevention begins with looking inward at your organization and assessing risk, analyzing control options,  implementing and communicating options, and then monitoring their effectiveness. 


Veritas Marine personnel have seen firsthand how failures of Safety Management Systems lead to accidents, often with tragic results. As a result, we are uniquely placed to assist you in developing your Safety Management System, particularly those made pursuant to the ISM Code.

 The Benefits of developing a Safety Management System for operators of large and small vessels may include;

  • A reduction in the number of accidents, detentions & delays
  • Safer carriage of cargo & reduction in claims
  • More favorable insurance premiums
  • Greater confidence on part of the clients                                                                                           
  • Cost savings resulting from improved efficiency and productivity
  • and most importantly Improved Profitability 

The ISM Code is intended to improve the safety of international shipping and to reduce pollution from ships by impacting on the way ships are managed and operated. It resulted from a growing number of marine occurrences that were clearly due to a lack of good management systems and shipboard practices. The ISM Code establishes an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for the implementation of a safety management system (SMS).  The goal of implementing an ISM Code based Safety Management System is to a move away from a culture of "unthinking" compliance with external rules towards a culture of "thinking" self-regulation of safety - the development of a 'safety culture'.




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