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Welcome to Veritas Marine Ltd

Marine Accident Investigation and Accident Prevention Services


Company Profile

Veritas Marine Ltd. is a company dedicated to the provision of professional Marine Accident Investigation and Accident Prevention services to:

  •  Coastal and Flag States, 

  • Legal / Insurance interests,

  • Classification Societies,

  • Vessel Owners / Managers,

  • the Media, and,

  •  other private sector marine interests worldwide. 

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Veritas Marine can also protect the interests of vessel owners / insurers whose vessels have accidents under investigation by other coastal or flag state agencies.  We will carefully monitor the conduct of the investigation on your behalf, to ensure that investigators have followed the IMO Casualty Investigation Code and review draft and final accident reports to ensure that they are accurate.

Our staff is made up of highly experienced former Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigators with decades of experience investigating a large variety marine accidents, conducting safety analysis, and writing reports.  Additionally, we have extensive experience working with media agencies and will provide support and analysis to those agencies who are researching or covering stories related to marine safety and accident investigation.

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Veritas Marine is proud to be an approved Marine Accident Investigation Service of the:



Meet Our Founder

Ken Potter;  Managing Director, Veritas Marine Ltd


Throughout his 35 year career in the maritime industry, Ken has over 19 years experience as a Marine Engineer / Marine Surveyor, and a further 16 years as Senior Investigator, and Manager of Marine Investigation Operations with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.  He has won several awards for investigation excellence from the TSB and has served on the Canadian Delegation to the IMO Safety of Navigation Subcommittee.  Ken's professional areas of specialty include: Marine Accident Investigation, Marine Safety Analysis, Risk Analysis, Accident Prevention, Marine Surveying, and Sail Training Vessel Safety.  Ken is a graduate of the Georgian College Marine Engineering Technology program and holds a Bachelor of Maritime Studies degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Through Veritas Marine, Ken is now bringing his extensive experience in Marine Casualty Investigation and Accident Prevention to Flag and Coastal States, legal / insurance interests, class societies, and ship owners / managers, the media and other private marine interests worldwide.

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Contact Veritas Marine 24/7 at;

Telephone:          +1 613 791 6267
Fax:                     +1 613 259 3242
Postal address:    121 Paul Drive,  Box 215
                   Lanark, Ontario,
                         Canada, K0G 1K0
Email:                   Kenpotter@veritasmarine.ca

Skype:                  Veritas.marine1

Twitter:                @veritasmarine





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