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Veritas Marine Accident Investigations

Veritas Marine personnel have decades of experience investigating a large variety of marine accidents including, inter alia;

  • Fires and Explosions
  • Collisions and Allisions
  • Capsizings
  • Founderings                                                             
  • Groundings
  • Structural Failures
  • Stability Failures
  • Man Overboards
  • On Board Accidents involving Crew 

Veritas Marine maintains a team of professional, experienced nautical, engineering, human factors, and naval architect investigators on call for deployments to accidents worldwide. 

Our staff is made up of highly experienced former Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigators with decades of experience investigating a large variety marine accidents, conducting safety analysis, and writing reports. 

Veritas Marine investigations are conducted using IMO, and MAIIF recommended methodologies, following the provisions of the IMO Casualty Investigation Code.

Safety analysis to identify safety issues is conducted using the renowned Integrated Safety Investigation Methodology (ISIM).*

Engineering Laboratory testing of parts is available as needed.

Thorough investigations take time and Veritas Marine will not cut corners.  Depending on the complexity of the accident and investigation, a draft report will be available to clients within 2 months.

*As developed by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada


The Benefits of using Veritas Marine to conduct your Marine accident investigations

√   Flag and Coastal States benefit from Experienced, Professional, Timely and Cost Effective investigations, in order to meet their IMO and UNClOS obligations to investigate Maritime Accidents. 

√   Flag and Coastal States benefit from  cost effective marine accident investigations without the need to maintain an expensive investigation bureaucracy while benefitting from the 24/7 availability of some of the most experienced marine accident investigators available worldwide.

√   Vessel owners / Insurers who have accidents under investigation by other Coastal or Flag State agencies benefit by having their interests protected by Veritas Marine.  As an owners representative, Veritas Marine will carefully monitor the conduct of any investigation on your behalf, to ensure that the investigation has followed the IMO Casualty Investigation Code, and review draft and final accident reports to ensure that they are accurate.

√   Legal Interests involved in litigation will benefit from Veritas Marine's independent, unbiased investigation services and having our investigators provide Expert Witness testimony.

√   Media and News agencies will benefit from Veritas Marine's broad, in depth knowledge of maritime safety and our extensive media relations experience. Our staff are fully trained in media relations and  have broad experience working with media agencies and will provide support and analysis to those agencies who are researching or covering stories related to marine safety and accident investigation.






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