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New Web Site for Veritas Marine

05 March, 2014

Veritas Marine is pleased to announce that we have launched a new web site.  Information is available regarding our Marine Investigation, Marine Survey, and Marine Accident Prevention Services.

About Veritas Marine

Veritas Marine Ltd. is a company dedicated to the provision of professional Marine Accident Investigation and Accident Prevention services to Coastal and Flag States, and to other private sector marine interests. Working to the IMO Casualty Investigation Code, Veritas Marine personnel have decades of experience investigating a large variety of marine accidents including; fire / explosions, collisions / allisions, capsizings, founderings, groundings, structural failures, man-overboards, and onboard accidents.

Veritas Marine can provide expertise in the development and auditing of Safety Management Systems pursuant to the ISM code. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with media agencies and will provide support and analysis to those agencies who are researching or covering stories related to marine safety and accident investigation.

For More Information Contact:

Veritas Marine Ltd.
121 Paul Drive, Box 215, Lanark, Ontario, Canada, K0G 1K0
Tel: +1 613 791 6267
FAX: +1 613 259 3242
Internet: Kenpotter@veritasmarine.ca


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